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NAILS 101 Part I: Services

Lesson: Nails 101
Part I Services:
                Friends often ask me exactly what does each nail service at the salon do. The ever changing nail industry is coming up with new services every year so it can be confusing to stay on trend. I am going to break down each nail service, the benefits, and how long you can expect it to last until your next appointment.

Manicure- buff, file, shape, massage, and polish.  Simple trim of the cuticles, file nails so they are the desired shape and polish. Simple, no added enhancements or chemicals. 
Lasts-One week

Acrylic- acrylic is a powder that they use with liquid to make a hard nail mold. If your nails are long enough they can be filed and the acrylic applied directly on the natural nail. If you desire longer nails they can apply plastic tips with super glue to your natural nail then